Saturday, March 21, 2009


Since we were home this weekend, Betsey and I went on a little outing to Mckenzie's cheerleading competition. Betsey is taking cheernastics so she was excited to go see the big girls perform. Let me just say this is serious stuff! I could not get over what some of these squads were doing and how young some of the girls were on these squads. It was amazing! So was Mckenzie's squad we were so proud because they got 1st place! Yeah! Betsey is already wanting to know when she is going to be able to do that like the big girls!

We actually stayed home for the first weekend of 2009! It was kind of nice to not be on the go and to not be out of a suitcase! The weather was fabulous and we got to play outside and Betsey wanted to water the flowers even though they pretty much all need to be pulled up anyways! Her watering job ended up being a spraying everyone if ya know what I mean! The picture of her laying in the grass is when the water got turned off and she thought the flowers were going to die since she couldn't water them!

Going to T-Town

We went down to Tuscaloosa to see Rusty and to check out things around town. We also went to see some houses to kind of get a feel for where we want to live. So many decisions to make!!!! Maybe we will figure it out at some point! :) We also went to the gymnastics meet and checked out a park while we were waiting for Rusty to finish up some experiments.

Random weather day in Alabama

Who would have thought that on March 1st in Alabama it would look like this! Now I will say that most of it was gone by the time we got home from church but you know this is still kind of crazy! We go to a really really big church and there was pretty much no one there! I think everyone was either afraid to drive in the snow or they were home playing in the snow. Our kids wanted nothing to do with was all I could get for them to pose for this picture!

Do you understand English

So the weather has been great and we have been having fun playing outside! One of our new favorite things is to take the babies for a walk in their strollers. Betsey likes to run with hers and tells me that she is doing her exercise. Well she started getting way up the street from Ellasyn and I so I made her come back down and we had a little chat it went something like this.........

Me "Betsey, you can not get that far up ahead of me do you understand?"

Betsey "Ok I understand!"

So she starts running and doing her "exercises" again and I say "Betsey do you not understand English? I told you not to get ahead of me." She turns right back around at me and says"Uno, dos, tres"

I thought I was going to crack up! She so did not miss a beat when she said this. She is getting just a little to smart for her britches ya think!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The girl is 4

Well Miss Betsey is finally 4! She has been 4 for a while but here are a few pics from her actual birthday. We of course had to get our usual cake. She has had this cake every year only it usually says "Happy Birthday Betsey and AA" since she and my sister have the same birthday only 20 years apart. I think that Betsey was kind of bummed that she wasn't with AA because she wondered why it didn't say AA on her cake too! She also got to pick where she wanted to go for dinner and try as I might to get her to pick STIX (the Japanese steak house) the only place she wanted to go was MOE'S! I guess that she wanted to hear "Welcome to Moe's!" HA!