Friday, February 27, 2009

My little prissy pot

Miss Ellasyn thinks that she is HOT stuff!!! Her new favorite thing is to walk around in dress up high heels. She is actually really good at it, she can go up and down the stairs in them. She probably does it better than I do. HA! I can just tell already that she is going to be my little girly girl....we had better be on the look out!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The park

We went to the park and are loving this great weather! I so don't want it to get cold again! The park was fun but for me the McDonald's playplace was more fun see I got to climb to the top of the playplace and go down the slide with Ellie Fran. Betsey and her friend Abby kept leaving Ellasyn and Abby's brother behind so I for some reason decided that I would climg up there with them. Let me tell you it is kind of high once you are up there! Luckily I had my camera in my pocket so Abby took a picture of all of us and I took some too.

On Friday night we went back to the Mall of America to go ride the rides! Our little dare devil of course wanted to ride EVERYTHING!!! All of the roller coasters, the tall droppy thing that tickled my stomach and made me shriek but Betsey just laughed as she rode it 5 times in a row! One of the roller coasters spun around the whole time you were on the ride. I have no desire to ever ride that again but I know Betsey would be all over it. Ellasyn just wanted to ride the carousel and play with the juice boxes. She thought she was something else with both of them hanging out of her mouth! :) We had a BLAST!!! I guess if you are going to live where it is unbelievably cold they have to have fun things to do indoors.....

In the evening....

Little Miss Elle likes things just a certain way...her way! She was so funny because every night when we would get into the room she would take her shoes off and go line them up against the door. SOOO cute!

American Girl

So one of the reasons we went with Rusty to Minneapolis was to go to American Girl for Betsey's birthday. She has been wanting one of the Bitty Babies since Ellasyn got one for Christmas. At the Mall of America they have a brand new American Girl store that just opened, and it is right on the outer edge of the amusement park inside the Mall. Well Betsey did not know where we were going when Rusty came home to take us out to eat, we told them to bring Felicity and Ava with us because we were going to go exploring. When we got to the Mall Betsey started putting two and two together and she was like "Are we going to American Gwirl (girl) tonight?" She got so excited but then she was like today is not my birthday is on the 25th with AA. We told her that we were going to celebrate her birthday today and that is was ok if it wasn't really her birthday yet. Well this made her quite excited because then she went running around in circles saying "I'm 4 now, I'm 4 now"

We got to American Girl and it is pretty much a HUGE doll store that upstairs has a restaurant upstairs. Felicity and Ava got special seats to sit at the table with us an dhad food brought out to them along with us. I will say that Betsey seemed to be more interested in watching all of the rides out the window than she was in her food. After our meal, they brought Betsey out a birthday cake and everyone sang her Happy Birthday. Once again she was back to "it's not really my birthday yet but I will be 4 today, ok Momma." After we had cake she got to go downstairs and pick out a new doll and Meagan joined our family that night! I think that she had a really good time because today she asked me "are we were going to get to go back to Minneapolis with Daddy on my birthday when I turn 5?" HA! I told her let's just enjoy being 4 for a while.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Out of place

This week I think that we were a little bit out of place. To start with we were the only people at the hotel during the day. It was sold out every night we were there but during the day it was just the girls and I along with the people that worked there. Now this had it's advantages.....we had the pool and the hot tub all to ourselves every single day and when we went down for breakfast everyone else had eaten a while before us so they made us fresh food and we got all kinds of attention!

I also realized we stood out a little bit, now you know me I LOVE to dress my girls we don't go anywhere without a hairbow! I am talking we wear them with out pajamas and with out bathing suits so you get the idea! Nobody else does that in Minnesota! At Panera this lady came up to me and said "Their bows are so cute I only thought people put those on little girls in movies. I am glad to see that you do this in real life." Are you kidding me?!?!?!? Where have I landed?Maybe you don't need a passport to come to Alabama, maybe you need a passport to go to Minnesota! HA

Miss Ellie Fran's favorite part of the hotel was tha she could finally reach the buttons for the elevator and boy did she want to push them. She would take off running down the hall hoping to beat Betsey! Except for the day that she wore jeans because then her hands were shoved down in her pockets and she had this little exaggerated walk where it was almost like she was stomping down the hall but really I think that she was trying to keep her pants from falling down! I think that she got this fascination with her hands in her pockets from Steve because she will also do it with her jacket.

Heading North

Arriving in Minneapolis view from inside the car

The girls and I once again packed up the car and went on a road trip! I shouldn't even call them road trips anymore it seems like we are on one all of the time. This time we went to go meet Rusty up in Missouri and then we were going to go to Minneapolis. I know what are we thinking going to Minneapolis in February.....we are Alabama people this weather is not for us but Rusty had to be there on business so the girls and I went along to keep him company! Needless to say it was an adventure! First let me just say that this region of the United States is named appropriately with the Plains because it is well kind of PLAIN! I really think that all of the roads just blended in to each other with cornfields and silos on either side for as far as you could see.

On the way up there it started snowing on us and about that time the girls started yelling from the back that they were hungry and wanted Chick-fil-A (our favorite Christian Chicken!) well I tried to explain to them that they didn't have Chick-fil-A in Minnesota so in classic Betsey fashion she said "Well what DO they have up in this NORTH place!" It ended up that they had Taco John's and it was well, different......

Another favorite comment of Betsey's on this trip was "Why can't we just go on an airplane? We would get there so much faster and Chris's daddy could just fly us there." I won't lie I felt the same way but I also didn't know if I was up to flying by myself with the two of them again. Sometimes it really is just easier to go in the car!

Fancy Nancy's Valentine's Day party

SO Fancy Nancy had a Valentine's Day party at our library and Fancy Nancy is one of our favs. Mainly because she is so tres fancy. (tres is a fancy word for very) if you haven't read her books you should they are really cute and probably Betsey's favorites right now we order them everytime she has her school book order. So to go to Fancy Nancy's Valentine's party you were supposed to dress up and then come to the library to meet Nancy and have a party with her. Well BetBet was all over this, we pulled out our Belle dress from Disney World, got our gloves, boas, necklaces and our hat with feathers to go see Nancy! Only my child would get there look at the nice library worker who was dressed up to be Fancy Nancy and say "she is NOT the real Fancy Nancy, I only want to be Fancy with the REAL Fancy Nancy!" So classic Betsey! Well needless to say we stayed and made a glitter valentine's box, taught the poodles how to jump and got a pink poodle necklace and had a Tea Party with treats! We lost a lot of our getup along the way but I think that she had a Tres good time! :)

Ain't Technology Grand

I still remember car phones that were attatched to the inside of the car and had to stay in the car. We had one when I was in like 4th grade! Then I remember the big flip phone cell phones and also the cell phones that came in a black leather bag that worked best in the car but I think that you could also tote them around. It wasn't that long ago when WR and I got our cell phones and they were kind of big and clunky. Now WR loves his iPhone and so do I for that matter! It just amazes me that I am blogging on the laptop as we are cruising down I-65 on our way home from our Great Northern adventures! Sorry for the rambe but it is just CRAZY it really makes me wonder how it will be when Betsey and Ellasyn are our age.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Build-A-Bear or A-Monkey

SO Daddy is gone and the girls will play! No, just kidding but Mother did take the girls and I out to dinner and then we went to Build-A-Bear to get the girls a Valentine from Gigi! Both of my girls have a thing for monkeys and Build-A-Bear has the cutest little pink monkey out right now! So we took the girls and they were having so much fun picking out an outifit and giving the monkey a bath. All was going well until it came time to leave. Ellasyn had found a little stroller that was set up in the store so she of course took the bear that they had on display out and put her monkey in and was pushing it around the store so cute until she had to leave the stroller! She was not going to have any part of it. She started having a melt down she threw the monkey across the Galleria! She cried the whole way out...these two girls who were like Amy's age were walking by us and mother and I heard them say "Oh she is so cute and her mom won't let her have her bear!" Little did they know she just didn't want it unless she could chunk it down the mall! We did have fun and the girls had fun using our strollers when we got home to take the Munk-Munks for a walk! Thanks Gigi for a Happy Valentine's Thursday!

Is Spring here yet?

Today was one of those days that makes me realize I am so ready for Spring! It was also one of those days where I just loved being with my girls! We had so much fun outside today the weather was GREAT and we were loving just being able to be outside! Today, Betsey had her Valentine's Day party at school and she had a blast! Now if I can just get them both to forget about all of this Valentine's Day candy!

While we were outside today Betsey and I were throwing the ball around and she is getting pretty good at it! It is so cute to see her with her little pink glove! Ellasyn likes to ride ALL of the toys that have wheels! She goes about 2 feet and then decides that she wants to go get on another one! Bring on the spring weather and Daylight savings time (which starts on Ellie Fran's birthday this year!)

Thanks AA

We love our AA she is the BEST! She is also my sister so ya know we have to love her! HA!

She sent the girls a FABULOUS Valentine's Day package! They were so excited to get to open it! Look out AA we will be back in big bad MO in a few days!

Friends Forever

Us on the slide! It was cold and fun!

The Boys and the Girls
Rusty and I on the bus to the resort!

I have the best friends! I really do....we have been friends forever and ever and they are truly the BEST!!! I love them all dearly. We have been through so much together and I know that no matter what we will always be there for each other! One thing that I love so much about our friendship is that our husbands are all great friends too! It makes it so easy for us just get to go be girls and not have to worry about them being entertained because they entertain themselves! :)
Now that I have gone and gotten all sentimental let me just tell ya about the trip we all took to Jamaica...we were missing my girl Gina and her man Mike. We missed y'all! We had so much fun just hanging out and being together. The girls hung out by the pool and let the boys go be adventorous on the zip-line and the Jamaican bobsled! We had 5 course meals and ate on the beach it was so fun! I can't wait for the next one, however I do think that Jamaica has seen enough us so maybe we will try somewhere new. The boys want to go to Alaska but I think that you have to be at least 50 to go on one of those cruises! HA! So who knows where we will end up next!

Monday, February 2, 2009

SO it has been FOR-EVER!!!

It has been sooooo long since I have posted anything!!! We have been a bunch of nomads lately!!! I think we have lived out of our suitcases for the whole month of January! We just got back from the beach and the girls had such a good time...well we all did!

Even though I got a new camera for our anniversary I am having problems getting the pics off of the old one so hopefully Big R will help me and I can post a couple of pics from the last month!