Friday, December 26, 2008

Flashback Friday!

Yes, I know I haven't even finished with Christmas but all of my pics are on Amy's camera since mine is DEAD!!! So I will get to them soon but for now it is amazing to see what a difference a year makes!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ellasyn's Artwork

Yes, we have no pants on!

Yes, we have a runny nose!

Yes, that is markers all the way down to my toes!

Needless to say she was about to get a bath anyways but WOW did she need one after that! I should just be thankful that they were washable markers and that it wasn't on my mother's walls!

Going to see Santa Claus

Come on Sissy let's go see the man!
An orange bicyle, a baby doll and a slide, please sir.
Mother, the girls and I all went to see Santa Claus this week. Betsey has loved Santa since she was a baby. I will never forget her first trip to see Santa, we went with our friend Kim and her daughter Caroline was about 20 months and Betsey was 10 months, Caroline couldn't stand Santa she screamed the whole time started shaking it was terrible! Betsey saw Caroline do all of this and yet she still went and just sat on his lap. While she was sitting there Caroline started screaming "No Betsey No Betsey" at the top of her lungs it was cute and sweet and sad all at the same time!

I was a little bit nervous about Ellasyn going after our experiences at Disney World but she did great! She wasn't so sure about it at first but then she went up there and sat with Betsey and told him she wanted a baby doll. Betsey was very quick to let him know that she wanted a bicycle and not just any bicycle but an orange bicycle to match her hair.

Betsey's Christmas Party

I got to go to Betsey's class Christmas party last week and we had such a fun time! Betsey is very lucky to have a wonderful class full of friends. They made the cutest t-shirts that I came in and helped Mrs. Joy with, they used their foot to make a snowman! It is adorable! I had the best time watching her interact with her friends.

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

I can't believe what a slacker I have been! I had such good intentions at Disney World and then the computer ate up half of my pics! :( (That is another story!) So I will get back to Disney World at some point but as for now, we have been super busy getting ready for Christmas.

I can't get over how fast this year has flown by....I always heard the older you are the faster it goes. Well it sure is going fast.

Betsey now thinks that she can change Ellasyn's diapers and in the middle of my Christmas card photo shoot (which was LATE) she began to change Ellasyn. Needless to say, it was quite comical but the photo shoot was done after that point!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Disney Pics

They were sooo tired!
For you AA

I'm just happy to be here

Our 1st ride!
Pole dancin' on the Monorail!

Disney Day 4

After Betsey's trip to Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique, we met up with Daddy and Ellasyn and met the Fairy Godmother and Ariel. Then we went and had breakfast where all princesses eat, The Castle. While we were at the Castle we got to talk with some of the princesses and Princess Jasmine remembered Betsey. She was really sweet, she told Betsey "you came to see me yesterday" and she made a big deal about hew Belle outfit and how pretty Betsey looked. We had the best weather that day and we were in the park for a long time. Both of the girls passed out in the stroller on the way back to our room. I still can't believe that Besey wore her dress and kept her hair up the whole day. Let me tell you I was dreading taking her hair down! There was sooooo much glitter and styling product in there it was like a rock!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique

Going into Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique
Miss Kelly working on our hair

We have got some loooong hair!

Some finishing touches

Princess Betsey revealed!

We have been getting visits from one of Santa's sneaky little elves here lately. He has come to see us and brought us some fun things while we have been sleeping. Betsey can't believe that he has even been able to sneak into our hotel room while we have been sleeping! Well he brought Miss Betsey a very special treat this week. He left her a letter saying that she had to be at Cinderella's Castle at 8:05 in the morning and it didn't tell her what it was for. She and I got up and made the trip into the Magic Kingdom while Daddy and Ellasyn where hanging out together. As we were walking up to the Castle, Betsey looked up at me and said "Momma, isn't the castle so beautiful I think something magical is going to happen" it was so sweet and innocent. Well something magical did happen. Betsey got to go to Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique and get the royal treatment. She got to pick out a princess costume, shoes, a crown and wand, and then she got to have her hair, nails and make-up done. For those of you that know me you know that this was rather difficult for me, the whole character thing! :) Well our little princess chose to be Belle and she had the most magnificent time! It was the cutest thing ever and she was so surprised and excited! All week she had been wanting to know if she was going to get to look like a princess like the other girls that she was seeing. When she got turned around in the chair to see how she looked the look on her face was just priceless! All day long she got so many compliments and everyone kept calling her princess. She told us she was a true princess now! I couldn't believe that she kept the dress on all day but she did and her hair stayed up until the next day. There was so much product and glitter in it that it wasn't going anywhere.
Miss Ellasyn was just didn't make the age requirement, you have to be 3. She will have to wait and see if that sneaky little elf will visit her then!

Disney Day 3

Practicing our kick line with Snow White and Dopey shrubs behind us.
Trying to pose like Mulan.

Yeah, Ellasyn finally likes a charachter. Snow White really liked our dresses.

Betsey posed like this first and then Jasmine told her that it was her favorite way to pose too!

Breakfast with Princesses, how fun is that! This morning we went to have breakfast in Norway with some pretty special gals. This was really neat because Betsey is familiar with Norway because Rusty travels there some. On the way there she asked Rusty if he had eaten with the princesses the last time he was in Norway. As the princesses came around to greet us, Betsey was quick to let the ones that she had already met know that she had met them. Ellasyn finally smiled at Snow White but she still wasn't having much to do with any of the others. She has given Betsey a new name she calls her "BetBet" it is so sweet. Betsey however keeps telling her that she is Betsey not BetBet. We have had to tell her that she can have other knicknames like how Ellasyn has all kinds of names that she answers to......Elle, Ellie Fran you get the idea!

Disney Day 2

After all of the excitement (and puking) of our 1st day in Disney we decided to take it easy on Monday. We slept in, had a late breakfast and then rode the monorail on over to Epcot. Our hotel, The Grand Floridian is decorated soooo beautifully for Christmas it is really getting me into the holiday spirit! At Epcot, we saw Chip and Dale and Ellasyn started calling them "Munk-Munk" so we thought maybe she might like to go and see them.....we were wrong! She wanted nothing of the sort. At dinner we ate with Cinderella, Prince Charming and Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters. They were quite comical and very into character. It has been so sweet to watch all of this from my sweet little girls point of view. It is making memories for both them and for us.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Turn your back for a second

Oh this youngest child of mine is something else! If you turn your back even for a moment there is no telling what you might find when you turn around. On Sunday night, in one of the Disney stores we found Ellasyn with her shoes off and a pair of Princess dress up flipflops on her feet. Now mind you Rusty and I were both there and standing with her the whole time. How this happened I will never know. The girl just wants her shoes!

Princes and Princesses

Disney Day 1

At Crystal Palace with Winnie and Friends
Ellie Fran and her DA

Waiting to ride Dumbo

Breakfast at Chef Mickeys On Sunday, we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's and Betsey loved it! She was all about hugging the characters and getting them to sign her autograph book. Ellasyn on the other hand wanted no part of it.We had an AWESOME day at the Magic Kingdom until puking at the parade but even then I think it was a great day. Betsey loved riding Big Thunder Mountain. She rode it back to back with both Rusty and I (she didn't puke until like 6 hours later so that wasn't the cause!)

Puking and Disney World

Well we left on Friday night to go to Disney World. Everything was going great, we were making good time, our plan was to try and make it to Gainesville then we wouldn't have too much farther to go on Saturday and we would be able to watch the game. Well wouldn't you know the best plans always seem to get messed up! About 30 miles outside of Tallahasee in the middle of NOWHERE Florida, Ellasyn started puking!!! Yes, puking! It was all over her, all over her carseat, her Munk-Munk, her blanket and all over Rusty's car. It was just lovely! Nothing like puke at 11:00 p.m. to wake you up! Needless to say we didn't make it to Gainesville on Friday night.

I would like to say that that was the end of our puking experiences but it wasn't. Betsey went on to puke on Sunday night at the end of the parade for the Very Merry Mickey Christmas Party! Isn't that a MAGICAL way to start off your Disney World Vacation!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Rainy School Day

Today, is just a cold rainy day the kind that really make it seem like it is winter time. However it is the day before we leave to go to Disney World. Whoo Hoo! Needless to say we are all super excited! It is just a bummer because I have all this stuff I need to get done while they are at school and I am going to have to do it in the rain. Oh well, it could be worse it could be SNOW!
Ellasyn watches everything
Betsey does.

Iron Bowl

Rusty is a HUGE Alabama football fan and the Tide is having a GREAT season this year. He was able to get us tickets to the Alabama vs. Auburn game. Needless to say this is an awesome game, whoever is the winner has bragging rights for the next year. I really believe that this is one of the best rivalries in College Football. Auburn has won the last 6 in a row, so this was a big game, Alabama needed to win to break "the Streak" and to have an undefeated season. I am happy to report that they did accomplish this and we were there along with about 110,000 other crazy people. It was a BLAST and by far the best football game that I have ever been to. The atmosphere was unbelievable. The weather was not so much our friend, it rained or misted the whole game but it was still an awesome time! Thanks honey for taking me with you! I had a FABULOUS time......maybe we can do it again next year down in Auburn (hint, hint)