Thursday, December 25, 2008

Going to see Santa Claus

Come on Sissy let's go see the man!
An orange bicyle, a baby doll and a slide, please sir.
Mother, the girls and I all went to see Santa Claus this week. Betsey has loved Santa since she was a baby. I will never forget her first trip to see Santa, we went with our friend Kim and her daughter Caroline was about 20 months and Betsey was 10 months, Caroline couldn't stand Santa she screamed the whole time started shaking it was terrible! Betsey saw Caroline do all of this and yet she still went and just sat on his lap. While she was sitting there Caroline started screaming "No Betsey No Betsey" at the top of her lungs it was cute and sweet and sad all at the same time!

I was a little bit nervous about Ellasyn going after our experiences at Disney World but she did great! She wasn't so sure about it at first but then she went up there and sat with Betsey and told him she wanted a baby doll. Betsey was very quick to let him know that she wanted a bicycle and not just any bicycle but an orange bicycle to match her hair.

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