Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lulu's the Crazy Sista's Place

Yes we were having so much fun with the water that when we got all wet we decided to take our pants off right there in front of everyone! Rusty looked over and said "Look what YOUR daughter is doing!" she was just taking them off because according to here they were "Yuck, these wet." Ya think, Elle!

Betsey got a kiwi snowcone and then kept asking us if her tongue had turned blue...Darling if you want your tongue to turn blue you might need to order the blue snowcone next time!
Having some fun in the fountains!

Playing on top of the sand hill which was right next to our table, talk about perfect seats!

Soaking wet but having fun!

We went to Lulu's for lunch, now for those of you who don't frequent the Alabama coast this is Jimmy Buffet's sister's restaurant. Now I will be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of Lulu's, usually there is at least and hour and 45 minute wait and the last time we were there I didn't think that the food was that good! However, I was pregnant with Ellasyn and if I am honest I just really didn't think any food was good then except for X-factor Strawberry/Lime gatorade could drink that like there was no other! This time at Lulu's we didn't have to wait and I thought that the food was much better! It was also AWESOME for the kids!!!!1 They have this big sand and water area that they can play in, there was a guy playing the guitar and there was a snow cone stand! Can we just say Heaven for two little girls! We met up with some friends and their little girl and stayed for a long time just enjoying the music and letting all of the girls play! Worked out great because they both CRASHED when we got in the car and took almost 4 hour naps! So now maybe Lulu's might take the place of my beloved Original Oyster House....hummmm thought about it NOT a CHANCE!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Making the bed

This sweet little girl did this all by herself

and this sweet little girl
helped me do this!
Today, Betsey came running for me to come with her to her room, I had no idea what might be waiting for me. Last time she did this was when Ellasyn had pulled out one of the drawers from the dresser. This time however she had made her bed up all by herself! How sweet. We have been trying to work on picking up after ourselves and this made me feel like we were making progress! :) Love these baby girls soooo much!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So Exciting!!!!

This is what Ellasyn and I found!!!! I am so excited that we are going to be building a new house!!!! HOORAY! Now if only we could sell that one in Missouri... :(

Rusty and I have been looking and looking or maybe I have been looking and looking! HA! We finally found what we think is going to be the perfect fit for us. Now if I can just make all of the decisions that go along with building a house... and there are a lot. Way more than I was expecting.

Thank you honey for making it all work! I love you soooooooooooooo much!!!! You are the BESTEST! Hopefully come November we will be moving!

This little girl

went to church camp
this little girl stayed with Momma

and Momma loves them both sooooooooo much!

Betsey had such a fun time at our church's preschool camp. The girl just needed to see her friends and be back in the schoollike routine! She loves school and that makes this teacher/momma. This year's theme was Busy Bea's ranch and they learned came home with all sorts of cowboy/western crafts. I think that I need to try and do more crafts with them this fall because it is something that Betsey especially enjoys. So I might need to be on the look out for good preschool crafts. Ellasyn had fun hanging out with me and going searching for something that we needed Daddy to approve but he did and I am sooo excited!


Sweet Savannah

Preston and AA

We also went to Stix to see them cook our food and use chopsticks! Nothing like seeing a 2 year old use chopsticks, if you are ever in need of a good laugh take a 2 year old to use chopsticks! All of the big kids loved it and thought that the fire was really cool! Ellasyn wasn't so sure about the whole fire part and when he was clanking (for lack of a better word) his knives and stuff on the cooktop she kept covering her ears and saying"Loud". Our chef was really good with the kids and had them laughing at all of his tricks expecially when he caught the egg up in his chef hat. My fav is of course the ginger sauce! I could just inhale that stuff....when I was pregnant I would beg Rusty to take me there at least once a week because I swore the ginger sauce would help my morning/all day sickness! Bless his heart he did it too!

Bowling fun

Sooo excited that she knocked them all down
Steve-o and AA he was scared I was going to beat him

She liked standing over the little vent and having it blow her shirt up

So sweet, Preston and Betsey helping Elle with her turn

Way to chunk that ball down there Betsey!

So while we were in B'ham for a few days, Amy, Steve and I took Mason, the triplets and my two bowling! I know what were we thinking?? It was SOOOO much fun! Everybody had an awesome time! They even make bowling shoes in Ellasyn's size can you believe it? The big kids did great I thnk that all 4 of them all got at least 1 spare. As a matter of fact Mason doesn't want to admit it but I think that Betsey and Addison got higher scores than he did! In his defense he didn't have the bumpers and they did! I think that we just might have to do this again because it was a great way to beat the HEAT!

I know my name

Little Miss S-Y-N herself

Ellasyn is cracking me up right now she loves to "white my mame" (write her name) right now and she gets her little markers and paper and just scribbles away. If you ask her what her name is she says "S-Y-N" well I guess she is almost there at knowing how to spell it! I hope that she doesn't go to school next month telling everyone she is "S-Y-N" HA!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Can you tell which one is faking???

So after a trip to the Wharf and a visit to Build a Bear this is what the back seat of the car looked like. Can you tell which one was really asleep???

More Wedding pics

Waiting for some pictures to be taken
Betsey and Alyssa waiting in the Bride's room

Why oh why won't Ellasyn look at a camera???!???!??!

Getting a little lip gloss from Ms. Haley

Here are some more pics from Alyssa and Trent's wedding. I was really so proud of how well they did and how much they enjoyed it!

A New Do

So I decided it was time for a little change....What do you think? I love it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Going to the Chapel......

Alyssa and Trent's wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Everything and everybody just looked amazing! The girls had the time of their lives thinking that they were all grown up at the wedding and the reception. I am so proud of both of them for walking down the aisle and dropping their flowers just like they were supposed to. At the reception the girls had a BLAST, I think that they danced the whole night away! Every time I turned around one or both of them were out on the dance floor with somebody! Betsey even got up on stage with the band! Amy's friend Abbie was dancing with the girls and at one point Betsey came up to me and said "Momma can Abbie come up to our room and play with me when the wedding is over?" "Can you go ask her mom?" Now mind you that Abbie is a college graduate but she is only 4'10 so Betsey thinks that Abbie is just the perfect friend for her and not AA! HA! We love ya Abbie! We all just started cracking up at this and Betsey didn't get what was soo funny she really wanted me to go over and ask Abbie's mom if she could come up to our hotel room. Too cute!

We wish Alyssa and Trent the best of luck and blessings to them both on a long happy life together1 We love y'all!

A realization

Today I realized that my baby is getting big! I think that I have been in denial for a while but today as we were walking down the beach I looked at her running out into the water and she wasn't a baby any more she is a little girl and this realization makes this Momma sad! My little Ellasyn has had a little growth spurt and she has lost some of that baby softness and if you look close on her little legs you will see little blonde hairs. I just want to hold them both and love on them because they are just getting way too big too quick!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Shower

Ellie's Bed! HA!!!

SOOO we didn't have a bathtub at the hotel but we had this HUGE shower and we found ause for it! Ellasyn has her sleeping darkness has tohave quiet etc and that often makes sleeping in a hotel a challenge but not this time! The shower was large enough for her pack and play to fit in it and YES we put our child to sleep in the shower! She thought it was he rown little room and we all got a good night's sleep so it worked out well! Who would have thought!

Alyssa's Wedding

Leaving the church
Hanging out with Daddy at the bar and playing with the toothpicks

Elle with her big girl drink

Ellie with her AA
Amy, Alyssa(the bride) and Emily

Ellasyn just a smiling Dancing with Daddy and Alyssa

Crazy Mary doing her funny dance!

One of Amy's best friends Alyssa got married July 11th and the girls were her flower girls so we left the beach and headed up to Auburn/Opelika for the weekend. We had such a great time and the girls had the time of their lives! I was a little stressed when we got there because we were running short on time and I didn't have my handy dandy GPS on Rusty's iPhone so it took me a couple of guesses to figure out where I was going to get to the hotel. Then once we got there and got to our room that was supposed to have a crib in it so obviously children were going to be there it had no bathtub only a HUGE shower! Well my kids needed a bath before we went to the church for the rehersal. I called down to the front desk to see if we could get a different room um they didn't have any with a bathtub. How does a hotel not have any rooms with a bathtub??? Well I guess that is just Auburn for you! HA!! Needless to say the girls got clean and we made it to the church on time. Betsey was so excited to see AA and Steveo and she thought she was quite grown up sitting with all of Amy's friends and hanging out with all of the bridesmaids. The girls did a great job practicing down the real aisle and I was very hopeful that all would go well for the actual wedding. After the rehersal we went to the Grand National Clubhouse which was just beautiful for the dinner and had a great time. rusty met us there so we were all excited to see Daddy and there was a band so that meant we would be doing some dancing! During dinner Betsey and Ellasyn kept leaving us to go over and sit with Amy and Steve at there table and Rusty gave Betsey a dollar to give to Steve for him to keep them over there for a while. Well Betsey cam back with 2 dollars from Steve I guess that was for us to keep them! It was a super fun night and we were so excited for Alyssa and Trent!