Thursday, August 6, 2009


Sweet Savannah

Preston and AA

We also went to Stix to see them cook our food and use chopsticks! Nothing like seeing a 2 year old use chopsticks, if you are ever in need of a good laugh take a 2 year old to use chopsticks! All of the big kids loved it and thought that the fire was really cool! Ellasyn wasn't so sure about the whole fire part and when he was clanking (for lack of a better word) his knives and stuff on the cooktop she kept covering her ears and saying"Loud". Our chef was really good with the kids and had them laughing at all of his tricks expecially when he caught the egg up in his chef hat. My fav is of course the ginger sauce! I could just inhale that stuff....when I was pregnant I would beg Rusty to take me there at least once a week because I swore the ginger sauce would help my morning/all day sickness! Bless his heart he did it too!

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