Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A kite and a boogie board

The DIVA pose

chasing after the kite

beautiful sunset

I love this!!!! Y'all are never getting to do this again!!!

So much fun

The last time we were at the beach Rusty and I decided that we should get a kite because it had been so windy the weekend before when we were down there. Well wouldn't you know there was hardly any wind when we were trying to fly our kite! We were able to get it up a few times and it was so sweet to see Betsey flying it with her daddy and for Ellasyn to be rinning after them trying to keep up! I love the beach in the Fall, who am I kidding I love the beach at anytime, but the Fall is just amazing down there! When the humidity and the haze are gone it just makes it so much prettier!

We also brought out the boogie board and Betsey Boo LOVED it!!!!!! You could see this huge smile on her face and hear her giggling all the way on shore! Now this girl loves to be in the waves anyways but she was in heaven on the boogie board! Rusty and I were trying to enjoy it too but she kept wanting a turn....what did she think that we were to OLD to be doing this???? HA! Can't wait until the next time we get to bring it out!

First Day of School

So I don't think that I ever posted any pics from the 1st day of school but we did take them!!!! The girls were so excited to be going back to school. We wore our traditional plaid on the 1st day. Ever since the 1st day of 8th grade I have worn plaid on the 1st day of school. Even when I was teaching I had to wear plaid on the 1st day. I got this from Shelley and her family who do this every year too! I even have Mason and Mckenzie knowing that they are supposed to wear plaid on the 1st day and the triplets did this year too! I hope that Betsey and Ellasyn are ready to carry this out until they have graduated! :)

Ellasyn's class had a teddy bear picnic on the 1st day and she got to bring a teddy bear with her to school, which I thought was a really cute idea. Betsey was just happy to be back with her friends. I was very sad because last year she just had the best little class and they all got along so well together and this year they got split up with half going to one class and the other in her class. I won't lie I had some issues about how things were going to be before school and even looked into some other schools but things are going GREAT and she loves it!!! So all of that over nothing!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love this girl even when.......

she throws a tantrum!!! You are sooo precious Ellasyn!

A girl in a twirly dress

There is nothing like a twirly dress to put a smile on this little girl's face! She loves them. It is like a requirement for all of her dresses to be able to twirl!