Thursday, April 15, 2010

For some reason I could not get the pics I took today to upload so I found some cute ones from my birthday and thought that I would put them up. The girls and I went to the park for a picnic and cupcakes!
Betsey hanging out on the swings. She does this all the time and says she is flying.
Ellasyn is of course enjoying a petit four or "baby cake" as she calls them. She does not like regular cupcakes she loves to eat "baby cakes." Can't say I blame her especially if she is eating one from Savage's!!!! I know some people especially one certain person who tried to get Savage's shipped to her will agree, there is nothing like a Savage's petit four!

I think Betsey's hair looks so cute in braids like this. It could also be that I have a soft spot for "Little House on the Prairie" I think that I read all of the books at least 4 times while I was growing up.

The freckles are coming out. This poor child we have to put sunscreen on her everyday before she goes to school and before she goes outside to play. She is so good about it but bless her!

I cna't beleive how long her hair is getting. Finally!!!! She has the fastest growing fingernails in the world but her hair has taken forever to grow! Granted the trip she took to Betsey's Hair Salon probably did not help matters.
Hopefully tomorrow I can figure out why I could not get pics up tonight!

For some reason I can't upload the pictures that I took today but I found some cute ones from my birthday that I never got around to putting on here so I thought that I would put them on today.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Tuesday pics

I mean really Ellasyn is that the best you can do? She was so proud of her new leotard but she just would not smile to take a picture!
My litte diva Alice in Wonderland! I know she is getting excited for her dance school's Spring performance of Alice in Wonderland. She is going to be a swan and a mushroom. Only two more weeks!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Just another Manic Monday

I don't want my picture taken! I just want to eat my sucker!
Please Mom just let me eat my sucker!

I am just going to pout under the table with my sucker!

Finally someone who will pose with their cute little cactus sucker from Arizona!

Today was CRAZY and not in a good way! I literally drove up and down I-65 through Birmingham 6 times! This morning I had to take the girls out to Peggy's because it was dance registration. My dance mom friends and I were all planning on meeting at 10:30 to SIT in our little chairs in a waiting line for the 12:00 registration time. I just did not think it would be very fun for Betsey and Ellasyn to sit for that long. Well when I pulled out of Peggy's driveway at like 9:40 my friend calls me and says she just drove by and there is already a line wrapping around the building! WHAT!!! How can this be?!?!?!? SO I hurried my little self along and got there as soon as I could. According to the GPS I was to arrive at 10:11 when I got there, there were at least 40 people in front of me. I could not believe it. All of my waiting paid off because I was able to get them both into the classes that they wanted and on the days that I wanted to make our schedule work. HOORAY! Then I had to go back to Peggy's and pick the girls up to to head to dance. Once I dropped Betsey off at dance I had to pick up my mom at the airport. She had gone out to Arizona to visit Bob and Maureen. It sounds like she had a BLAST! I think that they were go go go. Just like how I felt today. Here is to hoping that tomorrow is much more laid back and we can stick around the house some.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Water Fun

We tried out our sprinkler system for the first time today and I am not quite sure who enjoyed it more, the grass or the girls!

They were having the best time just splashing around and putting their hands and feet in the spray.
These puddles sure are fun. I think they asked Rusty to turn them on 3 different times. It was funny though because they did not want him to turn on the ones that were just in the grass or just in the landscaping. They only wanted the ones that were next to the driveway because heaven forbid they get grass on anything on their feet!

Suddenly the driveway became boring and they came running into the house wanting bathing suits. I thought they just did not want to get their clothes wet, but no they wanted on the trampoline!

With the sprinklers going on underneath them! You should have seen them squealing and running around. They were having a blast! I think they got a little bit cold but like Betsey said "This will be so much fun when it is really summer!" Then she does this cute little clap thing that I keep trying to take a picture of and can never seem to get. It is like this little golf clap and it is sooo cute!

Excuse the trampoline pictures I was taking them through the net because I sure did not want to get sprayed! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I know we sure did!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Treat Yourself

We went and tried out this new place called "Treat Yourself", it is a frozen yogurt place that has literally every single topping a person could dream of! Yummy! There are 8 different flavors of yogurt and then every topping you can think of from chocolate rocks to Nutella syrup!

Both of the girls were very into all of the toppings. Betsey wanted about 6 different kinds all in some sort of shade of pink. While Ellasyn only had eyes for the skittles. Little did she know that the frozen yogurt would make the skittles hard once they were on top of it.

Look there is a little "orange hair" boy in the background. He and Betsey match. Ever since I got my hair highlighted Ellasyn is very into saying "You have yewwow (yellow) hair like me but not orange hair like Betsey" Just so you know we don't call Betsey's hair orange, she calls it orange.

This look is like "please Mom can't I just eat this in peace without you taking a picture of everything I do!"

Nothing like some "bug eyes" on our Betsey Bug! Or if one of my former students were to see her like this I am sure that they would call her "Sponge Bob eyes" just like they used to call me. What my eyes get BIG when I get mad, who knew!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Loving some Spring weather

We have been loving being able to be outside! Granted it went from the 50's to the 90's in a matter of days but now it has settled into the 70's and has been just perfect the last couple of days. I must admit that I was a little nervous when we had our heat wave of 90 degree weather, I just didn't think that I would be able to make it from now to October with that kind of heat!

We have been taking walks around our neighborhood, taking the baby dolls out and about in their strollers, riding bikes and having every possible toy with wheels out in the driveway! Seriously last night the driveway looked like a toy store with scooters, bicycles, tricycles, Barbie cars and what not scattered all over it. I don't think that they could decide what they wanted to do.

We have also been frequenting the "big" Ross Bridge park and then our "little" park across the street. It has been great and it seems like every time we make it over to the 'big" park we run into some of our friends making it a great time for Betsey and Ellasyn and for me.

Here is to hoping that we have at least another week or two of this wonderful weather! Now if only we could get some of this pollen to go away. I declare everything is yellow! Rain, Rain come at night make the pollen go away!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


We had a wonderful Easter! It only took us 3 hours to get ready to make it to church but you know, we made it with time to spare. Which is something that does not always happen! Our service was awesome and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED all of the singing! I could sing "Up from the Grave He Arose" all the time! Love it!

The best picture we got of all of us and the lighting is TERRIBLE!
Love this picture of the girls with Mimi. Not bad for an 88 year young lady, huh?

Monday, April 5, 2010


I am bummed tonight because I soooooooo wanted Butler to win!!! :( I was really wanting the Cinderella team to go all the way. Now it is just time to count down to the start of College Football!!
I will post Easter pics tomorrow! These are just some random ones taken throughout the last month or so.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Saturday pics

Easter Egg Hunts

We had a whirlwind Saturday. It went by so fast but was so much fun! We started out the day at our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Which after days of magnificent weather we woke up to rain.:( It only put a little damper on things, we still got to meet the Easter bunny, make a build a bear bunny, go on a train ride and hunt for eggs. The only thing that we didn't get to do was enjoy the inflatables. After this Betsey had practice for Alice and Wonderland and then we headed out to Peggy and Jerry's for another Easter Egg Hunt. The girls had so much fun playign with their cousins. They were both out of it before we even made it off of Peggy and Jerry's road! Love days like this especially since the sun came out and it was a beautiful afternoon.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just a Couple of Pics

On our way to their Easter Egg Hunt at school and Ellasyn was having her Easter party.
The best I could get of the two of them together
She loves to strike a pose! :) I realize my bunny might not be the best color up against my red front door but I promise it does have dark pinky red polka dots on it. Plus I was a sucker for the amazing bow on it. I will be sad to take it down this week.

Yes, folks she is posing next to an elephant that makes it's home on our front porch. His name is Big Al as in the mascot for the University of Alabama. What can I say other than "Roll Tide!" We think he is pretty fabulous and our Auburn neighbors are secretly jealous.........