Friday, April 2, 2010

A Donkey at Church

Evidently, there is a tradition at our church that we have not known about, the Donkey who pays a visit on Palm Sunday. When we lived in Missouri we usually only made it home for Easter and not Palm Sunday and sometimes we did not even make it home at all and spent Easter all by ourselves so we have never experienced Palm Sunday at our Church with children until this year.
Well this family who has donkeys and other farm animals brings in their donkey for the children to see what Jesus rode. Betsey was sooo excited because they made palms in her Sunday School class and got to wave them at the donkey. All day she was waving that palm yelling out "Hosana, Hosana, Hosana" so sweet. It touches my heart to see her little heart grow and want to know more about Jesus. Even Ellasyn's class went out to see the donkey and she proudly told us that he lived in the farm house i.e. barn that was on her dress!
Betsey added this cowgirl hat on her own, she finished getting dressed and said "wait I will be right back" and showed up with it on her head. I guess it really was quite fitting for visiting with a donkey and all! I so had no idea about the donkey, promise! I know I like to coordinate them for the occasion but this was just a total fluke!

It's Friday but Sunday is a coming! Enjoy this weekend with your family and remember like Betsey told me today "Jesus loves us so much that he died on the cross for us but he is going to come back alive on Easter day!" Out of the mouths babes......

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