Saturday, April 10, 2010

Treat Yourself

We went and tried out this new place called "Treat Yourself", it is a frozen yogurt place that has literally every single topping a person could dream of! Yummy! There are 8 different flavors of yogurt and then every topping you can think of from chocolate rocks to Nutella syrup!

Both of the girls were very into all of the toppings. Betsey wanted about 6 different kinds all in some sort of shade of pink. While Ellasyn only had eyes for the skittles. Little did she know that the frozen yogurt would make the skittles hard once they were on top of it.

Look there is a little "orange hair" boy in the background. He and Betsey match. Ever since I got my hair highlighted Ellasyn is very into saying "You have yewwow (yellow) hair like me but not orange hair like Betsey" Just so you know we don't call Betsey's hair orange, she calls it orange.

This look is like "please Mom can't I just eat this in peace without you taking a picture of everything I do!"

Nothing like some "bug eyes" on our Betsey Bug! Or if one of my former students were to see her like this I am sure that they would call her "Sponge Bob eyes" just like they used to call me. What my eyes get BIG when I get mad, who knew!

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