Sunday, April 11, 2010

Water Fun

We tried out our sprinkler system for the first time today and I am not quite sure who enjoyed it more, the grass or the girls!

They were having the best time just splashing around and putting their hands and feet in the spray.
These puddles sure are fun. I think they asked Rusty to turn them on 3 different times. It was funny though because they did not want him to turn on the ones that were just in the grass or just in the landscaping. They only wanted the ones that were next to the driveway because heaven forbid they get grass on anything on their feet!

Suddenly the driveway became boring and they came running into the house wanting bathing suits. I thought they just did not want to get their clothes wet, but no they wanted on the trampoline!

With the sprinklers going on underneath them! You should have seen them squealing and running around. They were having a blast! I think they got a little bit cold but like Betsey said "This will be so much fun when it is really summer!" Then she does this cute little clap thing that I keep trying to take a picture of and can never seem to get. It is like this little golf clap and it is sooo cute!

Excuse the trampoline pictures I was taking them through the net because I sure did not want to get sprayed! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I know we sure did!

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