Saturday, April 18, 2009

Barbie car fun

This one may be my FAVORITE right now! I just love it I think it is soo sweet
Love the expressions

" What do you need now MOM?"

These are just a couple of my fav pics from a couple of weeks ago! I think that it looks like they are going to drive off into the sunset and live happily ever after! It also gave me a glimpse of what it might be like to watch them really drive off together. I am SOOOOO NOT ready for that any time soon!

Betsey's Beauty Shop

Ellasyn's before hair long pretty blonde that goes back GREAT in a bow!
Ellasyn's hair now! Chopped in the front all kinds of crazy layers

The "pedicure" she gave herself! Cute, huh?

So I know that I have some girly girls and that is totally fine with me! Miss Betsey is totally in to manicures and pedicures right now. She really thinks that she needs to come with me when I go to get mine done! I really think that I have to blame Miss Jeanie on this one though! Miss Jeanie is my hairdresser and nail lady in Missouri and has been for years and years! Love Love Love her I like totally still go back to Missouri to have my hair done. Yes, I just admitted that I drive 10 hours to get my hair done...well I am also usually there for other important reasons too!

Well Miss Jeanie is rubbing off on Betsey becuase Betsey CUT (that's right CUT) Ellasyn's hair!!! I think that I just about went into cardiac arrest once we figured this all out. Mother found some hair under the girl's table in the play room one morning and she assumed that it was one of their dolls who had gotten chopped but when she started looking at all of the dolls she couldn't figure out which doll had the missing locks. So when Ellasyn woke up we started inspecting and most of the top of her hair was missing. I don't know how in the world I put that child to bed the night before and did not notice. I also don't know how Betsey cut her hair with 5 adults around and no one noticed but she did! Needless to say Miss Jeanie got a call and she had a little chat with Betsey! :) She also gave herself a little pedicure but I guess that Ellasyn didn't get to get one of those only the hair cut! Oh my Oh my what am I to do with that child?!?!?!?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun in the Sun

So we were lucky to have pretty great weather and were able to go down and play in the water. Both of the girls love the water and the sand for that matter. One of their favorite things to do is run into the water have the waves hit them and run back up onto the beach. This is of course done while they are squealing at the top of their lungs. TayTay and Mrs. Deb came down to hang out with us one day and we had such a blast. Thanks Deb for working with Betsey on her underwater diving.......she is getting much better and much braver!

Can't help myself

So these are just too precious to not post. She thinks she is sooo big and she must have "gawgles" on whenever we head down to the pool. Soo cute!

Spring Break Fun

Love ya sissy!

We headed down to the beach for Spring Break to just hang out and relax. It was FABULOUS can I repeat that FABULOUS!!!! I so love it down there, it is just so relaxing and laid back. When we are at the beach I don't feel like we are going nonstop all of the time. At the new condo, the girls have a room that they will share once Ellasyn is sleeping in a big girl bed but for now she is still in the pack'n play and GASP that is in the Master bath! I know I know we are just going to have a HUGE shrink bill for her! :) Well Betsey wanted Ellasyn to sleep in the room with her during nap time so I gave in and moved the pack'n play in there with her and this is what I found. It was hard to be mad when they were having such a good time! It was precious they love each other so much! I hope they stay that way and are best friends for-ever.
So let me just add to this by saying that when my mom came down to the beach Ellasyn went running to show Gigi "her room" and took her to the bathroom! Rusty laughed so hard that he was crying but I was crying because my sweet baby thinks that we put her in the bathroom! She was really saying "my bed" because her dolls, monkey and hew blanket were in the packn' play and she wanted my mom to see them since my mom was making a big deal about their new beds in their room. or at least this is what I am going to keep telling myself. HA

Art and Music

I feel bad for the parents of the little girl behind B, you can only see her when B moves!
"C'mon Mom, no more pictures!"

Betsey had an art and music program at school right before Spring Break. It was really cite. I can't get over how well all of the kids did, they were in the main sanctuary of our church which is HUGE (it sits like seriously 3000 people) I would have been a little intimidated by that! Betsey was looking for us when she first went up on stage but once she found Rusty and waved at all of us she did Great! Thanks Gigi, Nana and Granddaddy for coming. After the performance we went to down to the "gallery" to take a look at some of her artwork. They have done some really cute things especially with their handprints. I am so glad that she has enjoyed school this year. We could not have asked for a better class for Betsey.

Cupcake Cones

I made these cute little cupcake ice cream cones for Ellasyn to take to her class. They were super easy and from what Mrs. Mary and Mrs. JoAnne said they were super easy for the kids to eat! I have a feeling these might become a regular for us!

My baby is 2

Some Munk-Munk Love

Daddy's Butterfly Kisses
Blowing out those candles

Mommy loves you sooooo Much

I can't believe how fast the time has gone. My sweet little Ellasyn Frances is 2, she is no longer a baby. This makes me sad and happy all at the same time. I can't believe the time that has passed and the moments that I will never be able to get back with her. She is such a blessing to us and I love her sooo much and can't wait to see the little lady she is going to be. I pray every day that I will cherish these moments with her and Betsey because they are only little once!

Will my brain change colors

So I am not a fan of artificial coloring...for my hair YES! for my food not so much. Now do we have stuff with artificial coloring in it YES but if I can avoid it I avoid it. A prime example of this is the "rainbow" goldfish we don't buy them Betsey will even tell you this. Quite embarassing while at her class Christmas party when she starts telling the mom who brought "rainbow" goldfish that she is not allowed to have artificial coloring! Anyways....tonight while at Target Ellasyn picked up one of those little packages of goldfish and began opening it as the girls were enjoying their little snack Betsey realized that they were the rainbow ones this kind of upset her and she asks me "Mama, will these make my brain change colors?" this kind of took me back for a second trying to figure out what she meant and then she clarified for me "these are the artificial coloring ones Mama, are the colors going to make me and Ellie's brains change colors?"
I couldn't contain my giggles on that one! Love that girl but she's got a lot of her Daddy in her!