Saturday, April 18, 2009

Betsey's Beauty Shop

Ellasyn's before hair long pretty blonde that goes back GREAT in a bow!
Ellasyn's hair now! Chopped in the front all kinds of crazy layers

The "pedicure" she gave herself! Cute, huh?

So I know that I have some girly girls and that is totally fine with me! Miss Betsey is totally in to manicures and pedicures right now. She really thinks that she needs to come with me when I go to get mine done! I really think that I have to blame Miss Jeanie on this one though! Miss Jeanie is my hairdresser and nail lady in Missouri and has been for years and years! Love Love Love her I like totally still go back to Missouri to have my hair done. Yes, I just admitted that I drive 10 hours to get my hair done...well I am also usually there for other important reasons too!

Well Miss Jeanie is rubbing off on Betsey becuase Betsey CUT (that's right CUT) Ellasyn's hair!!! I think that I just about went into cardiac arrest once we figured this all out. Mother found some hair under the girl's table in the play room one morning and she assumed that it was one of their dolls who had gotten chopped but when she started looking at all of the dolls she couldn't figure out which doll had the missing locks. So when Ellasyn woke up we started inspecting and most of the top of her hair was missing. I don't know how in the world I put that child to bed the night before and did not notice. I also don't know how Betsey cut her hair with 5 adults around and no one noticed but she did! Needless to say Miss Jeanie got a call and she had a little chat with Betsey! :) She also gave herself a little pedicure but I guess that Ellasyn didn't get to get one of those only the hair cut! Oh my Oh my what am I to do with that child?!?!?!?

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