Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Fun

Love ya sissy!

We headed down to the beach for Spring Break to just hang out and relax. It was FABULOUS can I repeat that FABULOUS!!!! I so love it down there, it is just so relaxing and laid back. When we are at the beach I don't feel like we are going nonstop all of the time. At the new condo, the girls have a room that they will share once Ellasyn is sleeping in a big girl bed but for now she is still in the pack'n play and GASP that is in the Master bath! I know I know we are just going to have a HUGE shrink bill for her! :) Well Betsey wanted Ellasyn to sleep in the room with her during nap time so I gave in and moved the pack'n play in there with her and this is what I found. It was hard to be mad when they were having such a good time! It was precious they love each other so much! I hope they stay that way and are best friends for-ever.
So let me just add to this by saying that when my mom came down to the beach Ellasyn went running to show Gigi "her room" and took her to the bathroom! Rusty laughed so hard that he was crying but I was crying because my sweet baby thinks that we put her in the bathroom! She was really saying "my bed" because her dolls, monkey and hew blanket were in the packn' play and she wanted my mom to see them since my mom was making a big deal about their new beds in their room. or at least this is what I am going to keep telling myself. HA

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