Tuesday, June 30, 2009


While we were in Virginia, the Pearson's had a cookout for everyone to hang out together! It was sooo much fun and I am so thankful to them for doing that so we could all be together. It was great to see Mr. and Mrs. Curtis who are going to be moving to Vienna soon and I will sooo miss them!!!!! I also got to meet Eric's girlfriend Jenna for the first time and she is just PRECIOUS!!! Eric if you screw this one up I will be after you! If you can't marry Amy like Shlley and I used to dream about then you had better take care of this sweet girl! Love ya Jenna! I am so mad at myself for not having my camera out more but I did get this precious picture of Betsey, Chris and sweet baby Grayson! I love that baby! He about gave me the baby bug! I said about!!! I would also like to say that he has such a Precious name!!!! Whoever told his dear Mommy and Daddy that name must be a FABULOUS person! HA I like to take credit for throwing that name out there to them! Love you guys!!! But no really he is just about as sweet as he can be and so is his sweet big brother Blake! Sometimes I think that it is funny that Sara has 2 boys and I have 2 girls.......I wonder if will we both go 3 for3?!?!?!?

The National Zoo

I love this pic...have it in a frame next to our bed

They were having soo much fun!

The Momma's

Pretending to be flamingos while watching the REAL ones

Chris and Addie TayTay posing

And we have NO pants on!

This is Ellasyn while the rest of them were taking a sweet picture together. She couldn't be bothered or maybe she was being a good little Southern girl and didn't want anyone to see her with out her shorts on! HA

This was what they were doing while Ellasyn was in Never Neverland. Don't ya just love that cheerleading pose that Betsey is sporting?!?!? I so promise I did not tell her to do that she just does it

Yes, Shelley and I decided to take all 4 kids by ourselves downtown D.C. to the National Zoo. I know what were we thinking. It really was a GREAT day....we packed a picnic lunch, brought the double stroller we were ready. We made it there just fine we saw the panda bears, lions, tigers, elephants and all of the other wonderful animals. The kids were having a BLAST! We found this play area that was a gaint pizza that you could climb all over so it was totally rocking! Well about the time we were leaving the pizza, Shelley and I had to make a decision do we stay or do we go? We decided to stay and wear the kids out so that it would make for an easy night however this would put us in rush hour traffic. UGH! So we kept wondering around the zoo and then all of the sudden Ellasyn starts carrying on about being wet. Well I just thought she has a wet diaper no big deal...um no. One of the water bottles had opened and she was sitting in a puddle of all the kids for this to happen to this was the wrong one! She then had to have her clothes off right away Princess Elle could not walk around in anything that was not perfect! HA And I can not believe that I let my child walk around with just her diaper and her shirt and shoes on! I would have sooooo being talking about people if we had seen some other kid like that!! When we finally decided to pack it all up and head for home......Shelley and I took the wrong turn out of the zoo! NOT GOOD!! Neither one of us know our way around D.C. we know Pennsylvania Ave. and that is about it! Now if only my darling husband would have gotten me that iPhone to match his we could have been saved! However, I am still currently iPhone less.... SO we tried calling Rusty up he didn't answer and then we tried Brendan he didn't answer. Luckily we were sitting in traffic not really moving so when we tried Brendan again all the way out in California he came though for us. Nothing like talking to someone 3,000 miles away to get directions on how to get home!

It happened a LONG time ago

I promise the straw isn't really going up her nose!

Can it be Ellasyn is looking at the camera????

Oh wait Shelley was who she thought was taking her pic!

Love these two

Just a couple old ladies out for a stroll...they were precious!

Chris and Betsey did such a good job sharing! :)

Well this is how bad I have been......we went to Virginia in May and I am just now posting! Maybe it has taken me that long to recover! HA No seriously though, I was super excited when I found out Rusty had a conference in Baltimore because that is close to my old stomping grounds. SO I decided that he didn't need to fly up there because he could take a trip with his 3 favorite ladies in the car. That is right I convinced him to drive us up there so that the girls and I could hang out with Shelley, Chris and Addie TayTay and I guess we will add Brendan too!!! We had such a WONDERFUL time. The kids all had a BLAST! Shelley and I were both very pleased with the way the week turned out! We went to the park, went swimming went to softball games, hung out at Nona and Papa's,a trip to Johnny Rockets with 3 adults and 6 kids 4 and under you know the usual fun stuff! Oh and we also went to a Civil War battle field! I really couldn't believe how quickly the week passed. A Super BIG thanks to the McCullers for having us up there! We can't wait for you to come down and see us again.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh no you didn't

So we have been loving summer!!!! It has been really busy around here and I promise to update some more soon but until then I will leave you with this picture it totally cracks me up....in my head I just see Ellasyn saying to Betsey " Oh no you didn't take MY water toy!"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On the way home

We left the beach on Monday morning after Mother's Day, everything got off to a good start. When we had been on I-65 ,which is a MAIN interstate not just through Alabama but other states too, for about 10 minutes I was this HUGE cloud of black smoke and thought oh no what just happened. I said a little prayer hoping that whoever was involved would be ok. Well traffic stopped it just came to a stand still. We were only about 15-20 cars back from where the explosion had taken place. I-65 got shut down and we were on it. It was the strangest thing ever because we were out walking on this MAIN interstate, talking to people and trying to see if we could figure out what to do. So after we saw someone else do this we decided to also turn around through the median of the INTERSTATE and head back to the exit that we had passed a few miles back. We were literally the only car for miles it was really really weird. When we got back to the exit we saw all of the police there and everything blocking the interstate and rerouting traffic. Now the only problem with this is Rusty had to get to the office! So luckily we pulled out the iphone and got some directions! We went through towns I never knew existed, on roads that I never knew existed. I had been having this urge that we needed to move to a real small town and this pretty much cured me of this urge. We also went right by the prison in Atmore, Alabama the one that has been on MSNBC Lockdown. Rusty just about lost it went I got the camera out to take a picture of it. He was cracking up at me. Needless to say it was andventure!

Pics from Brunch on MDW

Mother's Day Weekend

We went down to the beach for Mother's Day weekend. Hooray!!! It was such a nice relaxing weekend. We went to two of my FAVORITE places in the whole wide world! The Original Oyster House and to The Grand! I have also been wanting to play putt-putt/mini golf for I don't know like 5 years because we haven't played since before I was pregnant with Betsey so we were brave and took both girls to play and guess what....it was FABULOUS! We all had soooo much fun!!! I of course won! Yeah right but in my own version of the story I did! Betsey did really great she played and she even got 2 on two different holes and Ellasyn did AWESOME she walked the whole course with us and didn't mind it one bit she even took a couple of turns herself. I wasn't really worried about Betsey I knew that she would have a great time but I am not going to lie I was a little concerned about how Ellasyn would do and she surprised us!

We went to brunch on Sunday at The Grand and it was of course marvelous! I could live there! After we were done we went for our usual stroll and the girls wanted to play croquet that kept us occupied for a while until Rusty went to go work on his putt some at the putting green and then the girls just wanted to play with him. I think they thought it was like putt-putt all over again! It was a wonderful weekend!

When they want to be

These two can be soooo sweet to one another when they want to be!!!! And then they can get on each other's last nerve! SISTERS I tell you can't live with them and can't live without them!


Splash Park

Towards the end of last summer they opened a new park where Rusty's parent live and it has great playground equipment that my kids could play on all day but what makes it an AMAZING park is the Splash Park area that is attatched to it! It is SOOO much fun the girls LOVE IT!!!! So as soon as it opened up again this year we were there and they had a BLAST. Justin and Aly came with us and we had so much fun playing with them! The pictures pretty much speak for themselves! I am not kidding when I say I want one of these built over on our side of town!!!! Who do I need to contact??? Would the mayor take my calls???? I might need to investigate this further! HA

Betsey's Cheerleading

This may be one of my favorite pictures of Elle!

How precious! Holding hands and I didn't even have to tell them to!

Betsey has been taking cheernastics with her friend Macey and loves it! She has improved so much! She can do a cartwheel and a round off now not bad for a 4 year old! I really think that she just loves to go to the class and see all of the older girls doing their stuff too. She and Macey really do have a good time together too! Well Ms. Danielle had a little show for the parents to come see what their class had been working on and Betsey's little class did GREAT! They are all 4 years old and were out there with girls all the way up to 13 and they stayed with them. It was precious when her class did their routine all of the big girls started cheering them on and they LOVED it. When Betsey got done she said "Momma did you hear the big girls cheering for us when it was out turn to go?" The girl would love cheerleading camp! Too bad she wasn't old enough to go with us when I was coaching! Ellasyn has been picking up on what Betsey is doing too because she will run around and say "Hey watch this! High V" and then she tries to hit a High V. Sooo cute! I love love love those babies of mine!

So you know it has been a while since I posted last.......I keep saying that I am going to get better! HA we will have to see maybe if I can just get caught up then it will be easier from here on out. So what have we been up to lately??? A LOT! I can't believe that the girls have finished their first year of preschool. Well for B it was preschool and for E it was Mother's day out but you know what I am saying! It went by soooo fast. I can't believe it! I am really going to miss their teachers next year and all of the little kids in both of their classes! Hopefully we will have some of them again next year!

Betsey had her end of the year gymnastics show, her cheerleading and her ballet recital all in the month of May so we were busy! We were very sad to see Ms. Jessica their gymnastics teacher leave. We LOVED her!!! Her husband is in the Army and is going to learn to fly helicopters so they had to move on down to Enterprise to Fort Rucker. It was funny the week after Ms. Jessica's last day we were on our way to class and Betsey say. "Who is going to be our teacher this week? Is Ms. Jessica going to be back?" I went through my whole little spill about how she had to move so her husband could go learn to fly helicpoters and she replies back..."Well shouldn't he have already learned how to do that it's been a WHOLE week!" Lets hope it takes longer than that!