Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

We went down to the beach for Mother's Day weekend. Hooray!!! It was such a nice relaxing weekend. We went to two of my FAVORITE places in the whole wide world! The Original Oyster House and to The Grand! I have also been wanting to play putt-putt/mini golf for I don't know like 5 years because we haven't played since before I was pregnant with Betsey so we were brave and took both girls to play and guess what....it was FABULOUS! We all had soooo much fun!!! I of course won! Yeah right but in my own version of the story I did! Betsey did really great she played and she even got 2 on two different holes and Ellasyn did AWESOME she walked the whole course with us and didn't mind it one bit she even took a couple of turns herself. I wasn't really worried about Betsey I knew that she would have a great time but I am not going to lie I was a little concerned about how Ellasyn would do and she surprised us!

We went to brunch on Sunday at The Grand and it was of course marvelous! I could live there! After we were done we went for our usual stroll and the girls wanted to play croquet that kept us occupied for a while until Rusty went to go work on his putt some at the putting green and then the girls just wanted to play with him. I think they thought it was like putt-putt all over again! It was a wonderful weekend!

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