Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The National Zoo

I love this pic...have it in a frame next to our bed

They were having soo much fun!

The Momma's

Pretending to be flamingos while watching the REAL ones

Chris and Addie TayTay posing

And we have NO pants on!

This is Ellasyn while the rest of them were taking a sweet picture together. She couldn't be bothered or maybe she was being a good little Southern girl and didn't want anyone to see her with out her shorts on! HA

This was what they were doing while Ellasyn was in Never Neverland. Don't ya just love that cheerleading pose that Betsey is sporting?!?!? I so promise I did not tell her to do that she just does it

Yes, Shelley and I decided to take all 4 kids by ourselves downtown D.C. to the National Zoo. I know what were we thinking. It really was a GREAT day....we packed a picnic lunch, brought the double stroller we were ready. We made it there just fine we saw the panda bears, lions, tigers, elephants and all of the other wonderful animals. The kids were having a BLAST! We found this play area that was a gaint pizza that you could climb all over so it was totally rocking! Well about the time we were leaving the pizza, Shelley and I had to make a decision do we stay or do we go? We decided to stay and wear the kids out so that it would make for an easy night however this would put us in rush hour traffic. UGH! So we kept wondering around the zoo and then all of the sudden Ellasyn starts carrying on about being wet. Well I just thought she has a wet diaper no big deal...um no. One of the water bottles had opened and she was sitting in a puddle of all the kids for this to happen to this was the wrong one! She then had to have her clothes off right away Princess Elle could not walk around in anything that was not perfect! HA And I can not believe that I let my child walk around with just her diaper and her shirt and shoes on! I would have sooooo being talking about people if we had seen some other kid like that!! When we finally decided to pack it all up and head for home......Shelley and I took the wrong turn out of the zoo! NOT GOOD!! Neither one of us know our way around D.C. we know Pennsylvania Ave. and that is about it! Now if only my darling husband would have gotten me that iPhone to match his we could have been saved! However, I am still currently iPhone less.... SO we tried calling Rusty up he didn't answer and then we tried Brendan he didn't answer. Luckily we were sitting in traffic not really moving so when we tried Brendan again all the way out in California he came though for us. Nothing like talking to someone 3,000 miles away to get directions on how to get home!

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