Monday, April 6, 2009

Will my brain change colors

So I am not a fan of artificial coloring...for my hair YES! for my food not so much. Now do we have stuff with artificial coloring in it YES but if I can avoid it I avoid it. A prime example of this is the "rainbow" goldfish we don't buy them Betsey will even tell you this. Quite embarassing while at her class Christmas party when she starts telling the mom who brought "rainbow" goldfish that she is not allowed to have artificial coloring! Anyways....tonight while at Target Ellasyn picked up one of those little packages of goldfish and began opening it as the girls were enjoying their little snack Betsey realized that they were the rainbow ones this kind of upset her and she asks me "Mama, will these make my brain change colors?" this kind of took me back for a second trying to figure out what she meant and then she clarified for me "these are the artificial coloring ones Mama, are the colors going to make me and Ellie's brains change colors?"
I couldn't contain my giggles on that one! Love that girl but she's got a lot of her Daddy in her!

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