Thursday, April 15, 2010

For some reason I could not get the pics I took today to upload so I found some cute ones from my birthday and thought that I would put them up. The girls and I went to the park for a picnic and cupcakes!
Betsey hanging out on the swings. She does this all the time and says she is flying.
Ellasyn is of course enjoying a petit four or "baby cake" as she calls them. She does not like regular cupcakes she loves to eat "baby cakes." Can't say I blame her especially if she is eating one from Savage's!!!! I know some people especially one certain person who tried to get Savage's shipped to her will agree, there is nothing like a Savage's petit four!

I think Betsey's hair looks so cute in braids like this. It could also be that I have a soft spot for "Little House on the Prairie" I think that I read all of the books at least 4 times while I was growing up.

The freckles are coming out. This poor child we have to put sunscreen on her everyday before she goes to school and before she goes outside to play. She is so good about it but bless her!

I cna't beleive how long her hair is getting. Finally!!!! She has the fastest growing fingernails in the world but her hair has taken forever to grow! Granted the trip she took to Betsey's Hair Salon probably did not help matters.
Hopefully tomorrow I can figure out why I could not get pics up tonight!

For some reason I can't upload the pictures that I took today but I found some cute ones from my birthday that I never got around to putting on here so I thought that I would put them on today.

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