Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alyssa's Wedding

Leaving the church
Hanging out with Daddy at the bar and playing with the toothpicks

Elle with her big girl drink

Ellie with her AA
Amy, Alyssa(the bride) and Emily

Ellasyn just a smiling Dancing with Daddy and Alyssa

Crazy Mary doing her funny dance!

One of Amy's best friends Alyssa got married July 11th and the girls were her flower girls so we left the beach and headed up to Auburn/Opelika for the weekend. We had such a great time and the girls had the time of their lives! I was a little stressed when we got there because we were running short on time and I didn't have my handy dandy GPS on Rusty's iPhone so it took me a couple of guesses to figure out where I was going to get to the hotel. Then once we got there and got to our room that was supposed to have a crib in it so obviously children were going to be there it had no bathtub only a HUGE shower! Well my kids needed a bath before we went to the church for the rehersal. I called down to the front desk to see if we could get a different room um they didn't have any with a bathtub. How does a hotel not have any rooms with a bathtub??? Well I guess that is just Auburn for you! HA!! Needless to say the girls got clean and we made it to the church on time. Betsey was so excited to see AA and Steveo and she thought she was quite grown up sitting with all of Amy's friends and hanging out with all of the bridesmaids. The girls did a great job practicing down the real aisle and I was very hopeful that all would go well for the actual wedding. After the rehersal we went to the Grand National Clubhouse which was just beautiful for the dinner and had a great time. rusty met us there so we were all excited to see Daddy and there was a band so that meant we would be doing some dancing! During dinner Betsey and Ellasyn kept leaving us to go over and sit with Amy and Steve at there table and Rusty gave Betsey a dollar to give to Steve for him to keep them over there for a while. Well Betsey cam back with 2 dollars from Steve I guess that was for us to keep them! It was a super fun night and we were so excited for Alyssa and Trent!

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