Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bowling fun

Sooo excited that she knocked them all down
Steve-o and AA he was scared I was going to beat him

She liked standing over the little vent and having it blow her shirt up

So sweet, Preston and Betsey helping Elle with her turn

Way to chunk that ball down there Betsey!

So while we were in B'ham for a few days, Amy, Steve and I took Mason, the triplets and my two bowling! I know what were we thinking?? It was SOOOO much fun! Everybody had an awesome time! They even make bowling shoes in Ellasyn's size can you believe it? The big kids did great I thnk that all 4 of them all got at least 1 spare. As a matter of fact Mason doesn't want to admit it but I think that Betsey and Addison got higher scores than he did! In his defense he didn't have the bumpers and they did! I think that we just might have to do this again because it was a great way to beat the HEAT!

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