Thursday, December 11, 2008

Disney Day 3

Practicing our kick line with Snow White and Dopey shrubs behind us.
Trying to pose like Mulan.

Yeah, Ellasyn finally likes a charachter. Snow White really liked our dresses.

Betsey posed like this first and then Jasmine told her that it was her favorite way to pose too!

Breakfast with Princesses, how fun is that! This morning we went to have breakfast in Norway with some pretty special gals. This was really neat because Betsey is familiar with Norway because Rusty travels there some. On the way there she asked Rusty if he had eaten with the princesses the last time he was in Norway. As the princesses came around to greet us, Betsey was quick to let the ones that she had already met know that she had met them. Ellasyn finally smiled at Snow White but she still wasn't having much to do with any of the others. She has given Betsey a new name she calls her "BetBet" it is so sweet. Betsey however keeps telling her that she is Betsey not BetBet. We have had to tell her that she can have other knicknames like how Ellasyn has all kinds of names that she answers to......Elle, Ellie Fran you get the idea!

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