Monday, December 1, 2008

Playground Fun

Betsey loves to carry around her "pursie" and she loves to put her quarters into machines. It doesn't matter what it is the newspaper vending machine, candy machines, or the rides. She told me she needed the newspaper because it had "Roll Tide football on it." As you can see we are just a tad too tall for this carousel! Ellasyn enjoyed the ride Betsey paid for!

Betsey and Ellasyn love to go to the playground. Ellasyn is in LOVE with the slide! The girl could slide for hours......It doesn't matter how big or small the slide is she just wants to slide. Betsey really likes the swings and she has gotten so good at going on them by herself. She now just needs us for when she wants to go HIGHER. :) It is really sweet to watch them play together on the playground, Betsey likes to help Ellasyn do things and Ellasyn really just wants to do them herself!

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