Monday, February 23, 2009

Ain't Technology Grand

I still remember car phones that were attatched to the inside of the car and had to stay in the car. We had one when I was in like 4th grade! Then I remember the big flip phone cell phones and also the cell phones that came in a black leather bag that worked best in the car but I think that you could also tote them around. It wasn't that long ago when WR and I got our cell phones and they were kind of big and clunky. Now WR loves his iPhone and so do I for that matter! It just amazes me that I am blogging on the laptop as we are cruising down I-65 on our way home from our Great Northern adventures! Sorry for the rambe but it is just CRAZY it really makes me wonder how it will be when Betsey and Ellasyn are our age.

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