Monday, February 23, 2009

Fancy Nancy's Valentine's Day party

SO Fancy Nancy had a Valentine's Day party at our library and Fancy Nancy is one of our favs. Mainly because she is so tres fancy. (tres is a fancy word for very) if you haven't read her books you should they are really cute and probably Betsey's favorites right now we order them everytime she has her school book order. So to go to Fancy Nancy's Valentine's party you were supposed to dress up and then come to the library to meet Nancy and have a party with her. Well BetBet was all over this, we pulled out our Belle dress from Disney World, got our gloves, boas, necklaces and our hat with feathers to go see Nancy! Only my child would get there look at the nice library worker who was dressed up to be Fancy Nancy and say "she is NOT the real Fancy Nancy, I only want to be Fancy with the REAL Fancy Nancy!" So classic Betsey! Well needless to say we stayed and made a glitter valentine's box, taught the poodles how to jump and got a pink poodle necklace and had a Tea Party with treats! We lost a lot of our getup along the way but I think that she had a Tres good time! :)

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