Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Girl

So one of the reasons we went with Rusty to Minneapolis was to go to American Girl for Betsey's birthday. She has been wanting one of the Bitty Babies since Ellasyn got one for Christmas. At the Mall of America they have a brand new American Girl store that just opened, and it is right on the outer edge of the amusement park inside the Mall. Well Betsey did not know where we were going when Rusty came home to take us out to eat, we told them to bring Felicity and Ava with us because we were going to go exploring. When we got to the Mall Betsey started putting two and two together and she was like "Are we going to American Gwirl (girl) tonight?" She got so excited but then she was like today is not my birthday is on the 25th with AA. We told her that we were going to celebrate her birthday today and that is was ok if it wasn't really her birthday yet. Well this made her quite excited because then she went running around in circles saying "I'm 4 now, I'm 4 now"

We got to American Girl and it is pretty much a HUGE doll store that upstairs has a restaurant upstairs. Felicity and Ava got special seats to sit at the table with us an dhad food brought out to them along with us. I will say that Betsey seemed to be more interested in watching all of the rides out the window than she was in her food. After our meal, they brought Betsey out a birthday cake and everyone sang her Happy Birthday. Once again she was back to "it's not really my birthday yet but I will be 4 today, ok Momma." After we had cake she got to go downstairs and pick out a new doll and Meagan joined our family that night! I think that she had a really good time because today she asked me "are we were going to get to go back to Minneapolis with Daddy on my birthday when I turn 5?" HA! I told her let's just enjoy being 4 for a while.

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