Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is Spring here yet?

Today was one of those days that makes me realize I am so ready for Spring! It was also one of those days where I just loved being with my girls! We had so much fun outside today the weather was GREAT and we were loving just being able to be outside! Today, Betsey had her Valentine's Day party at school and she had a blast! Now if I can just get them both to forget about all of this Valentine's Day candy!

While we were outside today Betsey and I were throwing the ball around and she is getting pretty good at it! It is so cute to see her with her little pink glove! Ellasyn likes to ride ALL of the toys that have wheels! She goes about 2 feet and then decides that she wants to go get on another one! Bring on the spring weather and Daylight savings time (which starts on Ellie Fran's birthday this year!)

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