Monday, February 23, 2009

Out of place

This week I think that we were a little bit out of place. To start with we were the only people at the hotel during the day. It was sold out every night we were there but during the day it was just the girls and I along with the people that worked there. Now this had it's advantages.....we had the pool and the hot tub all to ourselves every single day and when we went down for breakfast everyone else had eaten a while before us so they made us fresh food and we got all kinds of attention!

I also realized we stood out a little bit, now you know me I LOVE to dress my girls we don't go anywhere without a hairbow! I am talking we wear them with out pajamas and with out bathing suits so you get the idea! Nobody else does that in Minnesota! At Panera this lady came up to me and said "Their bows are so cute I only thought people put those on little girls in movies. I am glad to see that you do this in real life." Are you kidding me?!?!?!? Where have I landed?Maybe you don't need a passport to come to Alabama, maybe you need a passport to go to Minnesota! HA

Miss Ellie Fran's favorite part of the hotel was tha she could finally reach the buttons for the elevator and boy did she want to push them. She would take off running down the hall hoping to beat Betsey! Except for the day that she wore jeans because then her hands were shoved down in her pockets and she had this little exaggerated walk where it was almost like she was stomping down the hall but really I think that she was trying to keep her pants from falling down! I think that she got this fascination with her hands in her pockets from Steve because she will also do it with her jacket.

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