Monday, February 23, 2009

Heading North

Arriving in Minneapolis view from inside the car

The girls and I once again packed up the car and went on a road trip! I shouldn't even call them road trips anymore it seems like we are on one all of the time. This time we went to go meet Rusty up in Missouri and then we were going to go to Minneapolis. I know what are we thinking going to Minneapolis in February.....we are Alabama people this weather is not for us but Rusty had to be there on business so the girls and I went along to keep him company! Needless to say it was an adventure! First let me just say that this region of the United States is named appropriately with the Plains because it is well kind of PLAIN! I really think that all of the roads just blended in to each other with cornfields and silos on either side for as far as you could see.

On the way up there it started snowing on us and about that time the girls started yelling from the back that they were hungry and wanted Chick-fil-A (our favorite Christian Chicken!) well I tried to explain to them that they didn't have Chick-fil-A in Minnesota so in classic Betsey fashion she said "Well what DO they have up in this NORTH place!" It ended up that they had Taco John's and it was well, different......

Another favorite comment of Betsey's on this trip was "Why can't we just go on an airplane? We would get there so much faster and Chris's daddy could just fly us there." I won't lie I felt the same way but I also didn't know if I was up to flying by myself with the two of them again. Sometimes it really is just easier to go in the car!

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