Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do you understand English

So the weather has been great and we have been having fun playing outside! One of our new favorite things is to take the babies for a walk in their strollers. Betsey likes to run with hers and tells me that she is doing her exercise. Well she started getting way up the street from Ellasyn and I so I made her come back down and we had a little chat it went something like this.........

Me "Betsey, you can not get that far up ahead of me do you understand?"

Betsey "Ok I understand!"

So she starts running and doing her "exercises" again and I say "Betsey do you not understand English? I told you not to get ahead of me." She turns right back around at me and says"Uno, dos, tres"

I thought I was going to crack up! She so did not miss a beat when she said this. She is getting just a little to smart for her britches ya think!!

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