Monday, July 6, 2009

Betsey's 1st Dance Recital

Betsey had her first dance recital at the Alabama theater at the end of May. We are SOOO proud of her! She did wonderful. She has so enjoyed dance this year once she changed to Miss Jayme's class. We are also excited because next year she is going to have Miss Jayme again for ballet and we are also going to try Tap and Jazz. Ellasyn is going to have Miss Jayme also for a preschool dance class! This year's theme was Broadway and each of the routines were set to songs from Broadway and all of the classes did such an amazing job! In the morning we had the dress rehersal so Rusty, Betsey and I all went down to the Alabama theater for the rehersal. Then we were able to leave once our routine was over so we didn't have to stay too long but I had a lot to do between then and the recital. I needed to get Betsey some flowers and I was in charge of getting Miss Jayme her gift from our class. Well I went to get the flowers and they were not going to be able to have them ready for me until too my old sorority craftiness came in handy! It also made me very stressed. So we got ready to go and my mom was going to ride with us so that we only had to find one parking space. Luckily we left in time to give us plenty of time to get there whcih is soooo unlike us! Well good thing that we did because as we drive up Mother says "Look Betsey at all of the girls in their costumes" All of the sudden I screamed "I DON"T have her costume!!!!" I started FREAKING out!!!! Luckily Daddy to the rescue! He and Ellasyn went back to the house to get it. I was very very nervous that they were not going to make it back in time. I kept trying to play it off to Betsey that it was no big deal but she was even catching on. Luckily Daddy made it with about 5 minutes to spare. I met him on the side of the road and grabbed Ellasyn who was sleeping and the costume. I met Miss Jayme at the top of the stairs and she took it down and got Betsey dressed and Rusty made it to our seats before it evenstarted! Just another reason why he is our HERO! He alsways takes care of his girls!

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