Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Betsey's Halftime Performance

Betsey's cheerleading class performed during halftime at the Hoover Varsity Basketball game last week. They were precious. The dance was to Miley Cyrus's "Ice Cream Freeze" and these little girls thought they were hot stuff out there with all eye's on them. Ms. Danielle had made us a DVD to practice with and Betsey kept telling me that it was just for us to watch not practice with because according to her, she already knew all of the moves. Well on Friday morning she suddenly started telling me "Maybe I do need to watch the dance." I think that she might have been getting a little bit nervous.....

I wish I had a picture of her doing the dance in front of the laptop where she was watching the DVD because she was so serious about it. She would start it and stop it, start it and stop it all with her little serious face and I could so tell she was taking it all in and processing it in her own little way. She did fabulous and had such a good time! We are so proud of our little dancer!
P.S My pictures are terrible! I don't know what the deal is?????

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