Saturday, September 12, 2009

What is with my children

Aren't these just some of the most BEAUTIFUL faces you have ever seen?
What a TALENT they have. Do they give scholarships for this?

Where did they learn that they could do this?? I can't do this. Rusty can't do this.

Really girls, can we work on this??? If you keep this up your face just might freeze like this!

As Ellasyn was making these faces she was jamming in her high chair. She was just a grooving, rocking and bouncing in her seat. Rusty looks at me and asks "What is she doing?" I reply " She is dancing to the music she hears in her head." Betsey leans her head over so that it is touching Ellasyn's and she starts doing it too and she says"Yeah I hear it. It's a good song!"
Maybe we should be worried!!! :)

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