Sunday, May 23, 2010

The dentist

The girls and I went for a cleaning at the dentist and we all hd a great report! No cavities for any of us! I was so proud of Betsey and Ellasyn who did AWESOME!!! The dentist had a carseat that Ellasyn could sit in and she thought she was hot stuff!
Betsey was excited but I think just a little bit nervous because her friend Macey just went to the dentist and she had a cavity, so Betsey was wondering if she was going to have one and if so what they would do to her. She loved it and wanted to know if we could go back the next day. Now everytime that she sees a dentist sign she wants to know when we are going back!

All of the ladies in the office were so impressed with Ellasyn who did the flouride treatment. They said they could not remember the last time they had a 3 year old who did the flouride treatment. I think that it helped that she watched Betsey go first and that she could pick her favorite flavor, strawberry!

We will be back in November and hopefully we will all get the same "No Cavities" report!

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