Monday, May 17, 2010

A Trip to Clemson

The day after Alice and Wonderland, Rusty was leaving to go to a conference in Clemson, South Carolina. He had been wanting to attend this conference for a while but it was always held somewhere crazy...Malaysia, Tokyo, Zurich etc. SO how it ended up in Clemson is beyond me but I digress. At first it did not even cross my mind to go with him but then I kind of got to thinking no cooking, no cleaning why is it that I wasn't considering going??? I quickly packed myself and the girls a bag and we hopped in the car with Rusty. To get to Clemson we had to travel along I-20 on Talladega weekend, WOW is all I can say! Yes Iwas the dork with my camera out the window trying to take pictures.....

If you look closely you will see two men in lawn chairs without their shirts on in the back of this truck. Can we say they were just a little bit drunk! They did wave at me though as I sat there taking their picture.

It was just mile after mile of RV's and tents everywhere! I could not believe how it just stretched on and on. I don't know if that made me want to go or want to stay far away!

We managed to hit up every park that the GPS could find us in Clemson. As well as the indoor pool at the hotel!

Daddy came home to take us out to eat every night so what more could we ask for! It was nice to take a week off and have a little mini vacay!

The weather was wonderful and we had a great time traveling with Daddy.
I am kind of hoping that Daddy has to travel again sometime soon! Well as long as we can go with him, he can travel again soon!

The girls love picking the dandelions and making wishes! They were in luck one of the parks we visisted had a whole little field full of them and I do believe they picked most of the field!

Thanks Clemson for hosting Rusty's conference maybe we can come back and visit you again another time!

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