Saturday, November 15, 2008

11-0 Roll Tide Roll

Since Rusty is now working in Tuscaloosa and on the University of Alabama campus our whole family has gotten into Alabama football a little bit more. We were always fans but it was a little bit harder to be "true" fans living all the way up in Missouri Tiger Country. It was a thorn in her Daddy's side when Rusty would say "Roll Tide" to Betsey she would reply "Go Tigers!" Not what he really wanted to hear!

Rusty and I have had the opportunity to go to most of the home games! We have had so much fun. Thanks Gigi for watching the girls for us. It has really been a GREAT season. I hope they can just keep on going! Rusty has become quite superstitious and has to wear his crimson Nick Saban shirt every Saturday he says they haven't lost while he has been wearing it! The girls also like to wear their too cute Roll Tide outfits. Thanks Nana!

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