Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another day at the beach

Ring around the rosey....if I heard that once today then I heard it a hundred times! Betsey and Ellasyn were kind of bored today while we were at the new condo meeting with Miss Patty about furniture. This was there favorite thing to do and it really was so sweet to see watch them walk around in circles holding hands. Ellasyn likes the "affes, affes fall down" part the best! Another favorite today was using the tape we had laid down to measure out different pieces of furniture as a balance beam. Look out Olympics, here we come! It is so fun to watch them together because Ellasyn wants to do everything that Betsey does and she wants Betsey to see her do it. I have a feeling we have a little class clown on our hands. Their personalities are so different but so much a like. I hope that they both continue to have the sweet little spirit that they have now.

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