Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oyster House

So usually on Sundays when we are at the beach we go over to Point Clear and have Brunch at The Grand Hotel. This has become quite the tradition in our family. I don't know who likes it more us or the kids! Unfortunately, we didn't get to go today so instead we went to our other favorite, The Original Oyster House. I want you to know that not only did we walk right in and get seated, we even got to park in the first row of parking!!!! For those of you that know about the Oyster House then you know that this is INSANE!!! We have waited for over two hours before to eat here....yes, I said TWO hours! It is so worth it though! I got my fix of YUMMY gumbo tonight. Betsey however had only one thing on her mind...a treat. Once she knew where we were going she just had to bring her Coach "pursie" with her. We didn't think much of it until we got there and she wanted to show me something.....the child just does not forget ANYTHING! She remembered from last time that they had the little quarter candy machines out in front of the bathrooms. She told me "See Momma I brought my money with me so I can get a treat even if you don't have your money!" I guess she outsmarted us on this one because I always tell her I don't have any change for those machines. She wasn't going to leave it up to us she took matters into her own hands and after dinner she got her and Ellasyn a treat!

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