Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We have been having a good time despite the COLD in Missouri! We got here on Saturday in time to watch Alabama beat LSU!!! Whoo-hoo! While we were here Taylor and her boyfriend Patrick were up to visit AA and Steve-O so we got to see them before they went to the MIZZOU game. I think that it confused Betsey that TayTay was up in Missouri and not in Alabama where we usually see her.
Steve-O is making BIG points with Ellasyn these days and Betsey Bug is getting jealous! Ellasyn usually doesn't have anything to do with him but this time she was all about getting some Steve-O tickles....:)
Today we went to Chuck E. Cheese with AA and Baby Lucas (he is only 3 months younger than Ellasyn). Ellasyn is like a little mama to Lucas. She likes to hold his hand and walk with him and "tell" him what they are going to do.

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