Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Whirlwind Week

This week has been a whirlwind for us!!!! The girls and I went to Virginia to visit with some of the Ya-Ya's and Rusty went to South Dakota for a pheasant hunting trip. We all had a great time! The girls and I had so much fun up in Virginia with Shelley, Christopher, Addie TayTay and Sara, Blake and Grayson. Brendan and Billy we had fun with y'all too! It is so funny how all of the kids react to each other. All of us Ya-Ya's can pick up right where we left off even if it has been FOR-EVER since we have seen each other and our kids are all starting to do the same thing! They all seem to have a LOVE/HATE relationship with one another. They can be so sweet to one another and then a split second later they are going at it gangbusters.

While we were there Shelley did a photoshoot with the girls (see above pics) and they all turned out so stinkin' cute....
After leaving Virginia, we were in Alabama for 2 days so the girls could go to 'school' and then headed back up to Missouri. Where Betsey promptly stated "It is not this cold in Alabama, right Momma" I had to agree with her. In just the short time that we have been living in Alabama we have forgotten what it is like to be in Missouri while it is "brrrrr chilly"

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